maandag 26 september 2011

Recover broke sdcard

When playing with sdcards they sometimes turn up broken. If inserted in my macbook 's sdcard slot I get a message saying the card is not properly initialised. If I do try to initiliase with diskutil (graphical way) it still fails. Only solution left then is the following command.

fdisk -i /dev/rdisk1

Note that I'm using the raw disk image (rdisk1 instead of disk1s1). Normally it only overwrites the MBR so you should still get your data once done. 

sage: fdisk [-ieu] [-f mbrboot] [-c cyl -h head -s sect] [-S size] [-r] [-a style] disk
-i: initialize disk with new MBR
-u: update MBR code, preserve partition table
-e: edit MBRs on disk interactively
-f: specify non-standard MBR template
-chs: specify disk geometry
-S: specify disk size
-r: read partition specs from stdin (implies -i)
-a: auto-partition with the given style
-d: dump partition table
-y: don't ask any questions
-t: test if disk is partitioned
`disk' is of the form /dev/rdisk0.
auto-partition styles:
  boothfs     8Mb boot plus HFS+ root partition (default)
  hfs         Entire disk as one HFS+ partition
  dos         Entire disk as one DOS partition
  raid        Entire disk as one 0xAC partition

vrijdag 23 september 2011

My Graupner Bellanca is finally fine

I had some trouble with it on the first flights but now it's really performing just fine. I still have some casualties from time to time but that is due to pilot error only. In fact the nose has been rebuild and one of the tips as well.

I still run the 2217-06 motor on it. It did suffer a lot already and it's belly is moving too much forward now because of a bad positioning on the shaft. I tried to unscrew it and reposition but the hex screw is just too tight. Instead I now purchased a replacement motor providing even more power for not that much more weight. The e-max 2220-07 should run a 10 to 11" prop on 3s and provide up to 391W! Won't need that much so I will stick with a 10" anyway.

These are some pictures in the air. I have trouble keeping the landing gear in place. The fields I land on are a bit too rough, combined with me often coming in too quick gives the landing gear a hard time. Lost it on landing several times now but I just keep reglueing it. One day I'll get better at landing and maybe I could even land it on the narrow street.

I have several flights done now and only got into 2 more real crashes. Once because on the way home I hit the tail with my bicycle wheel which caused the rudder to be out of trim. On the next flight I noticed that but I believed that it had to be like that. So I went along and tossed it into the air. It spiraled down, no way I could recover from that. The worst damage I ever had done to it. I had to repair the nose using some new multiplex wood.

Another time was when I tried to tape a small glider on top. My plan was to wiggle it off once up high and then see it come down in free flight. I got it up but the plane was very unstable. It took me some time to get it up high enough and once up I couldn't get the glider off :o. Instead I got into a spin and that is how the flight ended. Suprisingly no damage at all.