woensdag 6 juni 2007

yes I use firefox, my plugins

I use firefox for developping webclient frontends. That's why:

  • I can change my css file on the fly and see what happens in browser with EditCSS

  • Well the users will most likely use IE instead so make sure to test your desing in IE as well. Wouldn't it be extremely usefull if I could check this with firefox... check IETab.

  • HTML that looks the same in all browsers starts with valid HTML (and ends with IE :-)). So validate your pages with HTMLValidator.

  • What color is that, wait I have a colorpicker called ColorZilla.

  • You can even measure the dimensions of your elements in pixels (without looking at your source) with MeasureIt.

  • And while using firefox make sure to report any relevant bugs with the TalkBack plugin (that's installed by default I guess).

  • Don't forget performance, well that's not really frontend but I can check it in my firefox client with FasterFox.

  • Javascripts can be so annoying, I use the Javascript Debugger if I'm really lost.

  • Linkchecker, what's in a name?

  • The DOM Inspector I don't really use a lot but I can imagine this being very handy for some people among us (comes with firefox).

note 1 : For the lazy ones there's also a complete (much more than I need so I don't use it) plugin at http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/

note 2 : and I'm not the only one, so check this google result.

note 3 : I can't access the actual mozilla addons page here so links might be broken, let me know.

Some shortcuts I often use are:

  • CTRL + D : bookmark

  • CTRL + J : downloads

  • CTRL + TAB : travel tabs

  • CTRL + T : new tab

  • CTRL + N : new window

  • CTRL + U : page source

  • CTRL + L : addressbar
complete list:
firefox cheat sheet

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